Electro-mec pharmaceutical interests acquired by TechnicalPharma

Electro-mec has been a leading name in engineering for the pharmaceutical industry for over four decades.

In February 2009 the Technical Engineering Group acquired Electro-mec’s pharmaceutical division in the UK. This entity has since been merged with the group’s TechnicalPharma division in Ireland, France and Germany.

Decades of expertise

TechnicalPharma now has exclusive rights to all the pharmaceuticals-related interests of Electro-mec.

TechnicalPharma’s customers benefit from Electro-mec’s decades of expertise and experience in blister machine tooling, EMF and NG type feeders and precision machining.

While Electro-mec’s EMF and NG range of feeders is well proven, with an enviable reputation for performance and reliability, we are building on these successes with further ongoing development of these products.

Ron Garwood, who was the designer of Electro-mec’s EMF range of feeders, has joined TechnicalPharma as a consultant, bringing years of experience of tablet feeding systems.

Ray Kirby from Electro-mec now heads our UK office. His contact details are available on our Contacts page.